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5 Celebrities Who Love Fishing

Posted on November 16 2017

Here's a list of famous people who'd probably rather be fishing. The people named here might surprise you...

1) Jimmy Johnson

When he's not on the air calling a football game, Johnson likes to fish alone as it's his escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Photo via SportFishing

2) Henry Winkler

His favorite location to fish is the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and Winkler loves the sport so much he wrote a book about angling.

Photo via NoSeeUmLodge

3) Wade Boggs

Boggs (pictured on the left) has been fishing since he was a child in Georgia where he spent much of his free time angling on the river.

Photo via SportFishing

4) Liam Neeson

Of the many skills this actor can perform well, Neeson (pictured on the left) can also add fishing to the list which he loves to do when in Canada.

Photo via FlySyndicate

5) Paris Hilton

Hilton grew up doing many fun outdoor activities with her family, and fishing has been one that stuck with her into adult life.

Photo via ManeFish