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6 of the Best Lakes for Angling in Michigan

Posted on November 03 2017

When it comes to the Great Lakes State there is no shortage of fishable water. Here's a list highlighting the best spots to visit no matter what your taste in fish.

1) Lake St. Clair

Found on Michigan's eastern border, this lake has a maximum depth of 27 feet and is great for year-round fishing. Keep in mind that this lake shares a border with Canada when you're out there hooking world-class muskie and smallmouth bass.

Photo via Wikimedia

2) Black Lake

This is the seventh largest lake in Michigan's interior with a surface area of 10,130 acres. If you're lucky you can draw a tag from the ice fishing lottery and hunt the infamous lake sturgeon.

Photo via Panoramio

3) Lake Mitchell

Sharing a channel with Lake Cadillac, Lake Mitchell has a maximum depth of 28 feet. This is a great destination for family fishing trips and is home to easy-to-catch bluegill and black crappie.

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4) Lake Cadillac

Similar to Lake Mitchell, this lake is one of the more popular fishing destinations in Michigan. With an area of 1,150 acres, you can find black crappie and bluegill.

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5) Burt Lake

Burt Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the state boasting an area of over 17,000 acres. Come to this lake a try to hook some of the legendary record-setting lake sturgeon.

Photo via Wikipedia

6) Houghton Lake

This popular fishing and boating spot is one every angler has to visit when in Michigan. With an area of over 20,000 acres, this lake holds both small and largemouth bass as well as brown and rainbow trout.

Photo via Wikipedia

As many will suggest, this list barely scratches the surface of where an angler can go in Michigan. The best way to know what the fishing is like there is to go see it for yourself.