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7 Great Fishing Memes For The True Anglers

Posted on October 24 2017

Fishing memes are all over the internet, and often times you don't know where to look. Here are seven of the best fishing memes out there.

1) For the Dedicated Angler

It's important to work hard and fish harder.

Photo via ShareAFishingCharter

2) For the Friendly Angler

You have to admit, there's no friends like angling friends.

Photo via RespectTheFish

3) For the Old School Anglers

Nobody wants to be that guy, but some guys are.

Photo via Fishing-Headquarters

4) For the Hopeful Angler

They always say, "just one more cast."

Photo via ShareAFishingCharter

5) For the Deceitful Angler

In every fishing crew there's that one guy who had to lie about where he really went that day.

6) For the Forgetful Angler

No matter how many times you check, there's always something you'll forget for the fishing trip.

Photo via ShareAFishingCharter

7) For the Sarcastic Angler

Well, technically this is where most fish are caught.

Photo via MorningMoss