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Benefits of Fabric with SPF/UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Posted on December 12 2017

When you're out on the water being safe is essential to enjoying your time, and protecting yourself from the sun is one thing most people overlook. Although sunscreen helps reduce your risk from getting burned, you should also consider the clothing you're wearing as well.

The sun often beats down on anglers from above, but it also reflects off the surface of the water causing a double exposure. Most cotton materials only prevent around 5% of harmful UV rays from reaching your skin and that percentage is reduced even more if the material is wet. If you hold your shirt up to the sun and light is getting through it means your skin is still exposed to these UV rays, but there are materials out there that can combat the sun's light.

When it comes to clothing that can adequately block the sun's harmful UV rays, you should look to AMP Fishing. Our UPF/SPF 50+ Performance material stands above the rest since it's breathable and light. All performance clothing from AMP is moisture wicking and stain resistant per this matchless composition and it's made right here in the USA. When selecting protective clothing, consider one that will stand up to the sun and keep you safe.