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Don't Be That Person on the Water: 4 Etiquette Tips

Posted on December 11 2017

If you're going to be heading to the water you should brush up on your river etiquette. Below are some helpful tips to make your experience and the enjoyment of those around you harmonious.

1. Have your gear ready

When loading and unloading your boat, it's best to have your gear situated before approaching the ramp. This way you can get in and out of the launching area quickly so as to not have others waiting on you.

2. Respect the land next to the water

The land adjacent to the water could be privately owned, and it’s important to treat it like it was your own. It's best to not portage in areas you’re not familiar with and stop only at designated areas.

3. Watch your manners around families

Be mindful of profanity and alcohol usage in front of young children, as families like to frequent waterways. Also, ensure you're dressed appropriately and if you have a dog keep it under control.

4. Don't litter

By keeping these places clean, you help to maintain preservation. In doing so, you will help to ensure the vitality of these natural resources for years to come.

Keep this advice in mind next time you're on the water and everyone will have an enjoyable time.

Image via Wikimedia