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How to Use Clam Lures When Ice Fishing

Posted on December 27 2017

Jason Durham from Clam Fishing speaks about perch bait and lures in this informative video. Watch and learn how modifying the speed spoon lures can attract more perch.

Here's a breakdown of how to use these lures. At the bottom of the speed spoons are
dropper chains, and at the end of them are small clips. Open these clips up and take off the
hook, then add another speed spoon to draw and obtain more fish to your perch bait. Add
either a treble hook or single hook to the bottom of the “speed spoon train," it's up to you.

Try a few different combinations to find out what brings the best flash and draws the biggest
fish to your lure. The amazing thing about these lures is the possibilities are as endless as the combinations you can come up with.