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What To Bring On Your First Fly Fishing Trip

Posted on October 11 2017

Preparing for your first fly fishing adventure can seem daunting and expensive, but it really comes down to just a few essentials. This list below will tell you what you need to get started and the rest is up to you.


Rod and Reel: Start with a 9 foot rod, and get a reel that's already got backing, fly line, and leader equipped.

NippersAny will do, and it makes trimming the line much easier than using a knife or scissors.

Extra Tippet: You can never have too much tippet as this line gets trimmed all day when changing flies.

Pliers: These will be needed to safely remove the hook from your catch's mouth.

Floatant: When using dry flies, floatant will keep the flies on top of the water without the need to constantly dry them off.

Polarized Lenses: Regular sunglasses don't allow you to see into the water like polarized lenses do, as they help to eliminate the glare from the sun.

Box of Flies: Visit your local bait shop and see what's biting where you're headed, but be sure to get a few extras and different colors if you need to alter your pursuits.


Be Willing to Learn: All fly anglers know this is not the easiest sport to master. Even if you've been watching countless hours of Youtube 'How To' video and seen 'A River Runs Through It' a dozen times, you're going to have to devote your full attention and efforts when on the water.

Be Willing to Take Criticism: Chances are you're going to be joining other seasoned fly fishermen and fisherwomen, so listen to what they have to say. It can be hard to be told you're doing it wrong, but it's even harder to watch everyone around you rip lip while you're trying to dislodge your flies from a nearby tree branch.


Don’t Get Upset If It Doesn’t Click Right Away: Like most sports, fly fishing can take years to master, but don't give up in the beginning. When you're getting frustrated, take a step back and enjoy the scenery knowing soon you'll hook a monster from the depths.

Don’t Be Rushed, Fly Fishing Takes Time: Most would argue the whole point of fly fishing, other than catching fish, is to get away from the real world. Set aside the whole day to be on the water and bask in Mother Nature's gifts. You can always look up the scores of the ballgame when you get home.


Photo via Wikimedia