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What You Need For Your First Bass Fishing Trip

Posted on October 10 2017

Bass fishing is one of the more exciting angling endeavors due to the natural character of bass. They strike hard, often, and will put up a good fight. Here's some suggestions for what you might need for your first bass fishing adventure.


Topwater: As the name suggests, the Topwater baits are designed to float on top of the water's surface when hunting bass. They perform the best when used in clear water, making it easier for the bass to see.

Crankbaits: With so many different varieties of these baits, an angler can easily find out what type of bait is needed for their next of the woods. When the crankbait is reeled in it will dive deeper into the water attracting more hits.

Plastic Worms: These baits are arguably one of the more effective tools for hunting bass. They are very lifelike and as they fall into the water there's a very good chance their wiggling will draw the bass in for a look.


Baitcaster: Most will argue that using a baitcaster takes a bit more skill than using spinner. Anglers have to know how to thumb the reel to prevent a tumbling effect, but they are still very effective tools.

Spinner: The spinner is typically easier to use, as the mechanisms makes it easy to retrieve your line quickly. A major drawback to using a spinner is that the line is often coiled when casting out.


Skipping the Bait: This involves throwing the bait out into the water, but holding back on your follow through just a little bit. This way the bait will stop just before your target and skip a few feet towards the fish making the approach more natural.

Setting the Hook: Bass are not shy about striking, and they will do so with ferociousness. Feel your line and when you notice it's being hit quickly lift the tip of your rod high into the air. This will ensure the hook gets set properly in the fish's lip.

As it is with most things fishing, these are merely suggestions and tips for anglers to learn about and adjust according to their own needs. Every bass pond is different, so get out there and find out how to fish yours.


Photo via Wikimedia