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Which Fishing Net Is Right For You?

Posted on April 02 2018

When it comes to picking out a fishing net, the most important factor to consider is the purpose you want the net to fulfill. Below are three main types of fishing nets and their respective applications.

Landing Nets

Put quite simply, these nets are used to land a fish you've hooked on your line.

Dip Nets

Use these nets when you're trying to extract bait fish from a live well or holding tank.

Cast Nets

In order to catch a great number of fish in one area, a cast net can be used to trap many of them at once.

Since these are the three main types of fishing nets, it's likely one of these kinds will satisfy your angling needs. When picking one out, you'll want to look for a handle that feels comfortable, a netting small enough to capture your fish, and a hoop size you can easily fit around the targeted fish.

Photo via SurvivalMonkey