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Don’t buy our AMP gear because it is Made in America. Buy it because it’s the best damn performance fabric in the world. Woven with 100%, proprietary AMP Tech right here the U.S. of A., this material transports moisture to another country. AMP’s cooling science helps to keep you cool when the lines go tight. The SPF is the longest lasting protection under the sun, and our anti-microbial keeps you from smelling like a barracuda. Wait until you feel this amazing piece of American ingenuity!

  • AMP BLOCK - SPF 40 Performance helps block nasty UV rays.
  • AMP is breathable and moisture wicking.
  • AMP GUARD - Anti-microbial, stain resistant
  • Soft, yet strong. (Just like us)



AMP Cotton – Homegrown. Homespun. Homemade. Right here in the USA. You no longer have to go to Peru for the finest cotton. Nor should you. This is the softest, most durable cotton you will ever touch.

  • AMP Weave. Our proprietary process.
  • 100% combed, clean fibers softer, yet more durable
  • 100% ring-spun cotton, straightens and lengthens each fiber.
  • Fabric is a lightweight 30 - 40 single cotton thread weight
  • Garment dyed, pre-shrunk, and laundered
  • Hand pressed
  • Designed, Milled and Sewn in the USA