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“As a kid, we took “Made in America” for granted. And “Made in China” was a joke. Since then, I have watched as most of our manufacturing has moved overseas, our local mills have closed and the quality of goods and services has suffered.  Today, our goal is to change that. It’s time to get back to our roots."

As one of the partners in Tommy Bahama and a former retail partner of Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Joseph Abboud, Lou Mettler has become an iconic, respected pioneer in the retail and apparel industry.

After spending many years traveling around the world, Lou is focused on designing and manufacturing the best American Made Performance wear with materials that are grown here, woven here and sewn here. It’s time to bring it back home…AMP it up America!

When you put on a piece of our clothing you will feel comfort beyond the fabric…because you too will have become part of this new revolution that is focused on revitalizing Manufacturing in America by supporting our mills, creating American jobs and leaving something behind for our children to be proud of.”


  • Louis Mettler